Bryan Johnson sitting in his bed

Bryan Johnson’s Daily Sleep Schedule

Recharge Your Body and Mind While You Sleep

Bryan Johnson's impressive achievement of a 100% sleep score for eight consecutive months didn't come by chance. It's the result of a carefully structured sleep routine. This article will break down Bryan Johnson’s sleep schedule, showing how a series of simple steps each night can lead to optimal sleep.

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Bryan Johnson starting his sleep routine by reading a book

Transition To Sleep Routine

Establishing a calm pre-sleep routine can enhance the quality of your rest. Bryan Johnson has refined his approach to transition smoothly into sleep, setting the stage for a restful night.

  • Pre-Bedtime Focus: About 30 to 60 minutes before his scheduled bedtime, Bryan enters a focused relaxation period.
  • Reading: Bryan chooses to read books that are engaging yet soothing.
  • Walking: A gentle walk helps him calmly reflect on the day.
  • Pursuing a Hobby: Engaging in his favorite hobby helps divert his mind from his stressful days.
  • Avoiding Screens: To prevent mental stimulation, Bryan avoids all types of screens during this wind-down period.
  • Staying Away from Conflict: He makes it a point not to engage in heated discussions or solve complex problems right before bed.
  • Taking Melatonin: Bryan incorporates a 300 mcg dose of melatonin into his nightly routine to help regulate his sleep-wake cycle and prompt his body to prepare for sleep.

If you want to find out more about Bryan Johnson’s supplement routine, here’s a comprehensive guide that can help you understand his daily supplement schedule.

Bryan Johnson showing his favorite books

Book Recommendations From Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson considers reading a vital part of his sleep routine to unwind before bed. The books he chooses not only enrich his mind but also set the tone for a restful sleep.

  • Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams: This book provides a deep dive into the critical importance of sleep. The author Mathew Walker explains how sleep can enhance our decision-making and creativity.
  • Thinking, Fast and Slow: Daniel Kahneman's exploration of decision-making processes offers profound insights into how we think. Understanding these concepts helps Bryan manage his mental energy more effectively.
  • Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea: This book tracks the history and significance of the number zero. Its insights into the mathematical and scientific implications of zero have broadened Bryan's perspective on problem-solving.
  • WTF?: What's the Future and Why It's Up to Us: Tim O'Reilly discusses the evolving technology landscape and its impact on the future of work. This book encourages forward-thinking, a principle that Bryan applies in both his personal and professional life.
  • Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage: This dramatic tale of survival inspires resilience and leadership. Bryan Johnson uses Shackleton's example to nurture these qualities within himself.
Bryan Johnson resting in his bed

Become A Professional Sleeper

In a world where the hustle never stops, Bryan Johnson takes a different stance on sleep. Dismissing the popular belief that sleep is for the weak and that productivity means cutting back on rest, Bryan argues that making sleep a top priority is the true secret to success.

  • Rejecting Grind Culture: Bryan Johnson challenges the mindset that less sleep equals more productivity. He believes the idea that "money never sleeps" is not only outdated but harmful.
  • Prioritizing Rest: According to Bryan, the smartest strategy is to prioritize sleep. This isn’t just about quantity but also about quality.
"I know that sleep doesn't solve all things but it helps me feel well enough and full of energy that I want to do everything else."
Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson focusing on a high-quality sleep routine

The Benefits Of High-Quality Sleep

Achieving high-quality sleep is more than just a luxury, it's a fundamental component of good health. Bryan Johnson's commitment to excellent sleep has numerous benefits that enhance his daily life.

  • Improved Cognitive Function: Quality sleep is critical for brain health. It enhances memory, problem-solving skills, and creativity.
  • Enhanced Emotional and Mental Health: Sleep significantly affects mood and lack of sleep is linked to higher rates of depression and anxiety.
  • Better Physical Health: Sleep affects almost every type of tissue and system in the body — from the brain and heart to metabolism and immune system. Adequate sleep is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.
  • Increased Longevity: Getting enough restful sleep can also increase your lifespan. There’s a high correlation between sufficient sleep and longer life expectancy.
  • Support for Weight Management: There’s a strong link between sleep quality and weight management. Poor sleep can disrupt hormones that regulate appetite and can lead to weight gain.
Bryan Johnson preparing his bed for his sleep routine

Regular Bedtime Schedule

Focusing on a consistent bedtime can transform your sleep quality. For Bryan Johnson, sticking to a regular sleep schedule is a critical component of his daily routine.

  • Consistency is Key: Setting a consistent bedtime signals your body to prepare for sleep at the same time each day. This consistency helps regulate your body's internal clock, leading to better sleep quality.
  • Sleep as a Priority: Bryan Johnson treats sleep like the most important meeting of his day. He suggests thinking of your bedtime as a crucial appointment with yourself—one you shouldn’t skip or delay.
  • Bryan’s Bedtime: Bryan has chosen 8:30 PM as his ideal bedtime. This early schedule supports his love for the early morning hours, a quiet time he treasures for personal productivity and peace.
  • Morning Hours: Waking up early gives Bryan four uninterrupted hours each morning. During this time, he enjoys solitude without calls or messages, allowing him to start his day focused and refreshed.
  • Flexibility for Night Owls: While Bryan prefers early nights, he recognizes that some may be more productive at night. The key is choosing a specific bedtime and sticking to it consistently, no matter the hour.

Bryan Johnson's dedication to a regular bedtime shows its importance in his overall health and productivity. Bryan Johnson not only maximizes his sleep quality but also ensures his days start with energy and focus by sticking to a consistent sleep schedule.

"In my family when bedtime arrives, Talmage and I will stop whatever we're doing and run to our bedtimes. We do this because we're saying to each other that we respect bedtime in this family and we know we're going to be better family members with each other if we get our sleep."
Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson eating dinner

Eat Early

Adjusting meal times can significantly influence the quality of your sleep. Bryan Johnson has extensively experimented with both the timing and type of his meals to optimize his sleep.

  • Early Last Meal: Bryan Johnson's last meal of the day is at 11:00 AM. Though this might seem unusually early for many, it works exceptionally well for him.
  • Experimentation is Key: Bryan’s experience with eating early is the result of numerous experiments. He found that this specific timing allowed him to sleep more peacefully.
  • Benefits of Early Meals: Eating earlier in the day helps prevent sleep disturbances that can occur from digestion issues at night.
  • Lighter Evening: Avoiding heavy meals in the evening can also contribute to better sleep. Lighter or no meals close to bedtime mean less work for your digestive system, promoting deeper sleep.
  • Personal Adaptation: While eating as early as Bryan may not be feasible for everyone, he encourages experimenting with earlier meals to see if it improves your sleep.
Bryan Johnson sitting at a table with an empty glass

Avoid Stimulants

To optimize his sleep quality, Bryan Johnson takes a strict stance against stimulants that are known to disrupt sleep patterns.

  • Avoiding Alcohol: Bryan noticed that consuming alcohol, especially in the latter part of the day, drastically reduced his deep sleep by about 80%. As a result, he has eliminated alcohol from his diet.
  • Cutting Out Caffeine: Similarly, Bryan found that caffeine had a detrimental effect on his sleep. After stopping all caffeine intake, he observed notable improvements in his sleep quality.
  • Benefits of Avoiding Stimulants: Eliminating these substances helps maintain a more consistent sleep cycle and allows for more restful sleep.
Bryan Johnson in his bedroom with dim lighting

Managing Evening Light Exposure

Bryan Johnson has developed effective strategies to manage light exposure to enhance his sleep. Adapting some of these practices into your evening routine could significantly improve your sleep quality, helping you wake up feeling more refreshed.

  • Using Flux on Computers: To reduce blue light exposure from screens, Bryan uses an app called Flux on his computer. This app adjusts the display to minimize blue light, which can disrupt sleep patterns.
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses: When watching movies or using screens in the evening with friends, Bryan wears blue light-blocking glasses to protect his eyes from blue light and help maintain his natural sleep cycle.
  • Blacked-Out Bedroom: To ensure his sleeping environment is conducive to rest, Bryan's bedroom windows are covered with blackout curtains.
  • Sleep Mask for Travel: When traveling, Bryan uses a sleep mask to block out unwanted light, ensuring he can sleep easily.
  • Minimizing Screen Time Before Bed: Although he has measures in place to control light exposure, Bryan strongly recommends minimizing or eliminating screen time during the downtime before bed.
Bryan Johnson holding a remote to control the temperature

Temperature Control

Maintaining an ideal sleeping environment includes controlling the temperature, a crucial factor in Bryan Johnson’s sleep routine. He understands that the right temperature is essential for achieving deep sleep.

  • Ideal Sleep Temperature: Bryan aims to keep his sleeping environment neither too hot nor too cold to avoid disrupting his sleep.
  • Use of Technology: To precisely control the temperature, Bryan uses an 8 Sleep mattress, which is designed to regulate the sleeping environment effectively.
  • ChiliPad Setting: Additionally, he employs a ChiliPad over his mattress, setting it to 62.6°F, which he finds optimal for his sleep.
  • Temperature Preferences: While personalizing his sleep setup, Bryan also considers the temperature preferences of his partner and family members, ensuring the settings are comfortable for everyone.

Bryan Johnson ensures his sleep environment is precisely tailored to enhance his rest by using advanced sleep technologies like the 8 Sleep mattress and ChiliPad.

Bryan Johnson sleeping in a comfortable environment

Comfortable Sleeping Environment

Ensuring a peaceful sleeping environment is a major part of Bryan Johnson's family sleep routine. Recognizing the impact of external and internal factors on sleep quality, Bryan has implemented specific rules at home to optimize rest for himself and his family.

  • Family Sleep Rules: The Johnson family adheres to strict guidelines as no one gets up at night and no one wakes another unless in an emergency. This promotes uninterrupted sleep for everyone.
  • Handling External Noises: To address disturbances like a neighbor’s barking dogs, Bryan Johnson personally reached out to negotiate a solution. His neighbor now ensures the dogs are kept inside after 8:30 PM, aligning with their bedtime.
  • Clear Communication: Bryan advocates for openly discussing and requesting changes in your environment to support better sleep. Don’t hesitate to communicate your needs to those around you.
  • Bedroom for Sleep Only: In Bryan’s home, the bedroom is dedicated solely to sleep.
  • Consider Sleeping Separately: While it might be controversial, Bryan Johnson suggests considering sleeping alone if synchronizing sleep patterns with a partner is challenging. Independent sleeping arrangements can sometimes enhance sleep quality for both individuals.
"In my bedroom, I don't read in there, I don't watch movies, I don't hang out because I'm telling my body when you get into this position your objective is sleep and if you're doing things all day then your body can get confused so it's really important to have a dedicated sleep environment as it will improve the quality of your sleep."
Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson wearing a whoop band

Collecting Data

For Bryan Johnson, the key to mastering his sleep routine has been the systematic collection of sleep data. Bryan has gained valuable insights into what factors most significantly influence his rest by tracking various aspects of his sleep and daily activities.

  • Importance of Data Collection: Gathering data on his sleep has enabled Bryan to understand and refine his sleep habits effectively.
  • Using the Whoop Band: Bryan’s primary tool for sleep tracking is the Whoop Band. This device provides comprehensive data on his sleep duration, sleep quality, and daily physical exertion.
  • Daily Sleep Metrics: Every morning, Bryan reviews the data collected by his Whoop band to assess how many hours of sleep did he get the previous night, the quality of that sleep and his physical activity levels.
  • Adjusting Based on Data: With the insights from his Whoop band, Bryan can make informed adjustments to his daily routine to improve his sleep. This might include altering his exercise intensity, tweaking his diet, or adjusting his bedtime.

Collecting and analyzing sleep data has been a game-changer for Bryan Johnson’s sleep routine. It has not only provided him with a clear understanding of his sleep patterns but also helped him to make precise adjustments for better sleep quality.

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