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Bryan Johnson’s Supplement Guide—Your Roadmap to Healthier Living

Bryan Johnson, an entrepreneur with a keen interest in health and anti-aging, has developed a comprehensive supplement list to support his well-being. Drawing from his personal experiences and backed by scientific research, Bryan Johnson has put together a list of supplements aimed at optimizing his health. This article will provide a straightforward overview of the supplements Bryan Johnson includes in his daily routine.

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Bryan Johnson having multiple supplements in the morning

1. Bryan Johnson’s Morning Routine Supplements

Bryan Johnson starts his day with a focused approach towards nutrition and health optimization. His morning supplement routine is designed to kickstart his metabolism, support his digestive health, and fuel his body for the day ahead. After waking up, Bryan mixes and drinks various ingredients to start his day.

  • Blueprint Longevity Mix: 1 scoop to provide a balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Collagen Peptides: 5 g to support skin health, joint function, and muscle repair.
  • GOS (Galactooligosaccharides): 1/2 tsp to foster beneficial gut bacteria and aid digestion.
  • Inulin: 1 tsp to further support digestive health by acting as a prebiotic, promoting a healthy gut microbiome.

Morning Supplement Pills:

  • Blueprint Essentials: 3 pills daily to cover foundational vitamins and minerals for overall health.
  • Blueprint Soft Gel: 1 soft gel, containing essential fatty acids, Vitamin K1, K2, and other key nutrients for cardiovascular health.
  • Blueprint NAC + Ginger + Curcumin: 3 pills combining antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, supporting liver health and joint comfort.
  • Blueprint Red Yeast Rice + Odor-Free Garlic: 1 pill to aid in managing cholesterol levels and supporting heart health.
  • EPA/DHA/DPA: 800 mg to provide a high dose of omega-3 fatty acids, crucial for brain health and reducing inflammation.
  • Garlic (Kyolic): 1.2 g for its immune-boosting properties and to support cardiovascular health.
  • ProButyrate: 600 mg to support gut health and the integrity of the intestinal lining.
  • Proferrin: 10.5 mg as an iron supplement to maintain healthy iron levels and support oxygen transport in the body.
Bryan Johnson having supplements with his early dinner at 11am

2. Supplements With Dinner At 11am

Eating dinner at 11am is part of Bryan Johnson's unique routine, and the supplements he takes with this meal are chosen for their specific health benefits. This part of Bryan Johnson's supplement list is integral to his overall health strategy.

Each supplement that Bryan Johnson takes with his 11am dinner serves a specific purpose, from managing blood sugar to supporting heart health, reflecting his informed approach to his well-being. Through sharing his supplement list, Bryan Johnson offers a glimpse into the possibilities of supplement-based health optimization.

Bryan Johnson eating a supplement pill before bed

3. Supplements Before Bed

As part of Bryan Johnson's supplement stack, his nighttime routine includes a carefully selected supplement to support restful sleep.

Melatonin 300 mcg:

  • Purpose: Bryan Johnson includes Melatonin, specifically 300 mcg, in his nighttime supplements to help regulate his sleep-wake cycle.
  • Benefits: This dose is intended to mimic the body's natural production of Melatonin, aiding in falling asleep more easily and enhancing sleep quality.
  • Research-Backed: Bryan Johnson's choice of Melatonin is supported by research that highlights its benefits for sleep without significant risk of adverse effects.
Bryan Johnson putting his supplement pills in different jars

4. Other Supplements Throughout The Day

Beyond workouts and sleep, Bryan Johnson integrates several other supplements into his daily routine. This comprehensive approach forms a core part of his health strategy, showcasing a diverse range of Bryan Johnson supplements designed to support his well-being.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 1 Tbsp with each meal, totaling 3 Tbsp (45 mL) daily, for its heart-healthy fats and to aid in nutrient absorption.
  • Cocoa Powder: 5 g to provide antioxidants that support heart health and reduce inflammation.
  • Pea Protein: 29 grams daily to ensure adequate protein intake for muscle repair.
Bryan Johnson holding a supplement bottle in his home gym

5. Bryan Johnson's Post-Workout Recovery Supplements

Following his workout, Bryan Johnson carefully selects supplements and foods that provide his body with the nutrients it needs to recover. This tailored approach is part of his broader strategy for health and longevity, encompassing Bryan Johnson's supplements list and his diet.

  • Blueprint Nutty Pudding: A protein-rich pudding that provides both nutrition and satisfaction, aiding muscle recovery and growth.
  • Blueberry Nut Mix: A combination of antioxidants from blueberries and healthy fats from nuts, supporting overall health and combating post-exercise oxidative stress.
  • 1 Tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Added for its heart-healthy fats, which also help with absorption of vitamins and minerals from the other components.

Bryan Johnson's approach to his post-workout nutrition supports not just recovery, but also contributes to his anti-aging goals for longevity. By sharing his regimen, Bryan Johnson offers insights into how targeted nutrition and supplements can work together to enhance physical health.

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Get smarter about your health, productivity and more by learning from the world’s best.

Join a community of 18,652 health enthusiasts for free weekly updates on the what’s trending in the world of health, productivity, and more.

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