Bryan Johnson sitting in his home clinic

Bryan Johnson’s Testing Protocol For Athletes

Routine Check-ups for Peak Performance

Every Tuesday, Bryan Johnson follows a strict testing routine to monitor his health and performance. His routine includes various tests such as hip-to-waist ratio measurement, nerve sensitivity testing, eye testing, and lung rejuvenation testing. These assessments help him stay in peak condition and ensure that his body is functioning optimally.

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Bryan Johnson lying on a bed in his clinic

The Background Of Bryan Johnson’s Tests

Bryan Johnson has been committed to his testing routine for two years, producing remarkable results.

  • 50 Perfect Biomarkers: Over two years, Bryan Johnson has achieved 50 perfect biomarkers through his dedicated testing routine.
  • Measurements Younger than His Age: 100 of his measurements are less than his chronological age, showing the effectiveness of his routine.
  • Perfect Body Fat and Muscle: His testing routine has helped him maintain perfect body fat and muscle ratios.
  • Slower Rate of Aging: The consistent testing has contributed to a slower rate of aging, proving the benefits of his measurement evidence protocol.
  • Criticism and Commitment: Despite being called ridiculous, extreme, or eccentric, Bryan’s dedication is often underestimated. He does more than people realize in his daily routine.

Bryan Johnson's testing protocol showcases the effectiveness of his daily routine in maintaining optimal health.

Bryan Johnson showing his biceps

The Importance of Testing for Athletes

Regular testing is vital for athletes to maintain peak performance and overall health.

  • Hip-to-Waist Ratio: Maintaining an ideal hip-to-waist ratio helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Nerve Sensitivity Testing: Testing nerve sensitivity ensures that athletes can detect potential nerve damage early.
  • Eye Tests: Regular eye tests help in detecting vision problems that could affect performance.
  • Lung Rejuvenation Tests: Lung rejuvenation tests are crucial for monitoring and improving respiratory health.

Bryan Johnson's testing routine emphasizes the importance of these tests, showing how they contribute to an athlete's overall health and performance.

Bryan Johnson holding a soft measurement tape

Hip-To-Waist Ratio Measurement

Bryan Johnson’s hip-to-waist ratio is an essential part of his testing routine.

  • Age and Ratio: As men get older, their hip-to-waist ratio typically increases. Ideally, it should stay the same.
  • Bryan’s Achievement: Thanks to Bryan Johnson’s daily routine, his ratio matches that of his 17-year-old son, Talmage.
  • Daily Consistency: This achievement is a result of Bryan Johnson’s daily schedule and commitment to maintaining his health.

Bryan Johnson’s testing routine highlights the importance of consistency in achieving and maintaining an ideal hip-to-waist ratio.

Bryan Johnson holding a Vernier caliper

Nerve Sensitivity Test

Understanding and maintaining nerve health is crucial for any athlete. Bryan Johnson’s testing routine includes a detailed nerve sensitivity test to ensure his nervous system functions at its best.

  • Vernier Caliper Usage: Bryan Johnson's team uses a vernier caliper to measure nerve sensitivity accurately.
  • Regular Testing: This test is part of Bryan Johnson's daily routine, ensuring his neurological health is closely monitored.
  • Early Detection: Regular nerve sensitivity testing helps detect potential nerve damage early, preventing further complications.
  • Consistency: Including this test in Bryan Johnson's daily schedule emphasizes the importance of maintaining nerve health for optimal performance.
Bryan Johnson focusing on an eye test

Eye Testing

Regular eye testing is a vital part of Bryan Johnson's daily schedule, helping him maintain excellent vision and overall eye health as part of his comprehensive health routine.

  • Drusen Volume: Bryan Johnson maintains a drusen volume of 0, indicating no age-related macular degeneration.
  • Choroidal Thickness: Bryan focuses on enhanced depth imaging optical coherence tomography, which measures his subfoveal choroidal thickness. The recent results show that his left eye age is 51 and right eye age is 70.
  • Intraocular Pressure (IOP): His IOP is measured at 13 mmHg, which corresponds to an age of 38.
  • Eyelash Length: Despite genetically short eyelashes, with a length corresponding to age 70+, Bryan's routine ensures his overall eye health is monitored.
Bryan Johnson having an ultrasound

Lung Rejuvenation Testing

Maintaining lung health is an essential aspect of Bryan Johnson's testing routine. After experiencing the effects of COVID-19, he has taken significant steps to monitor and improve his lung’s condition.

  • Ultrasound Machine: Bryan Johnson uses an ultrasound machine to measure his entire body, with a specific focus on his lungs.
  • COVID-19 Impact: After contracting COVID-19, Bryan discovered that the B lines in his lungs increased by 118 percent, which is a negative indicator.
  • Therapy and Measurement: To reduce these B lines, Bryan is undergoing a therapy routine. As part of this therapy, his QT interval, which assesses heart health, is also measured.
  • Comprehensive Approach: This lung rejuvenation testing is a key component of Bryan Johnson's daily routine, ensuring his lungs and heart are closely monitored for any changes.
Closeup of Bryan Johnson

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