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Bryan Johnson’s Skincare Therapy

Daily Routine for Healthy, Vibrant Skin

Bryan Johnson's commitment to his skin begins with a series of carefully chosen steps, each aimed at maintaining skin that looks as young as it feels. As someone who believes in the power of consistency, Bryan's approach shows that taking care of your skin doesn't have to be complicated. In the article, we'll break down each part of his routine, so you can see how simple practices can lead to significant results.

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Skin Glow
Bryan Johnson with dry skin

Bryan Johnson’s Damaged Skin

Bryan Johnson’s experience is a strong reminder of the importance of skincare from an early age. Individuals can learn effective strategies to care for and protect their skin by following Bryan Johnson's skincare routine.

  • Early Skin Damage: When Bryan Johnson started the Blueprint Protocol, a thorough skin assessment revealed significant damage. The primary cause was his childhood neglect of skin care.
  • Sun Exposure: Bryan spent considerable time outdoors during his youth, often without any sunscreen. This extensive exposure to the sun's harsh rays contributed heavily to his skin's early signs of aging.
  • Neglect During Youth: Lack of a proper skincare routine in his younger years left his skin vulnerable and increased the damage over time.
"As a kid, I kind of destroyed my skin since I was in the sun all the time with no sunscreen."
Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson holding a facewash tube

Morning Skincare

Bryan Johnson’s morning skincare routine is designed to protect and refresh, setting a strong foundation for skin health throughout the day. Embrace these morning rituals to help prevent future skin damage and keep your skin looking its best.

  • Cleansing: Every morning begins with Bryan Johnson cleansing his face using CeraVe Face Wash Acne Treatment. This product contains 2% Salicylic Acid, effective enough to keep his skin clear of blemishes.
  • Moisturizing: After cleansing, he applies Adipeau Face Cream. This unique moisturizer is designed to add fat cells to the face, promoting a youthful and fuller appearance.
  • Sun Protection: Recognizing the aging effects of sunlight, Bryan uses EltaMD UVA+B Mineral Sunscreen to shield his skin. He's mindful of sun exposure and prefers to be outdoors in the early mornings or evenings when the UV index is lower.
Bryan Johnson standing in his skincare clinic

The Skincare Clinic

Bryan Johnson has taken his dedication to skincare to the next level by establishing a personal healthcare clinic. This facility isn't just any clinic—it's a state-of-the-art space where he monitors and manages his skin health with precision.

  • Comprehensive Skin Analysis: At his clinic, Bryan regularly measures various skin health markers, including UV spots, which can significantly damage the skin if left unchecked.
  • Detailed Skin Assessments: Bryan Johnson uses advanced tools to evaluate pore size, wrinkles, and skin texture, ensuring that each aspect of his skin care routine is effective.
  • Spot and Redness Check: Bryan’s assessments include checking for brown spots and red areas, which can indicate underlying skin issues.
  • Advanced Imaging: The clinic employs multispectral imaging to estimate the face’s age, providing a clear picture of how his skin compares to typical aging standards.
Bryan Johnson using a multi-spectrum imaging device

Multi-Spectrum Imaging

Bryan Johnson utilizes a clinical-grade multi-spectrum imaging system to get an in-depth look at his skin health. This advanced technology provides a comprehensive analysis through a detailed dashboard.

  • Advanced Diagnostic Tool: Bryan’s system is used in professional dermatology clinics, highlighting its sophistication and accuracy in skin assessment.
  • Biomarker Dashboard: The technology offers a detailed view of 8-10 key skin biomarkers, providing insights into various aspects of skin aging.

If you’re looking to analyze your skin’s condition accurately, consider purchasing the AE Smart Skin Analyzer.

"When I started it was pretty terrifying since I looked like a zombie face once you saw all the skin damage."
Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson with a fresh skin after facial re-volumizing

Facial Revolumizing

Aging naturally reduces skin firmness and collagen levels, leading to changes in facial volume. Bryan Johnson has explored an innovative technology to address these changes.

  • Using the Exilis Device: Bryan Johnson chose the Exilis device, which is specifically designed for facial use. This device employs radio frequency technology to renew the skin.
  • How It Works: The device features a warming tip that rolls over the skin, gently heating the facial tissues to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin.
  • Focus on Collagen Production: The primary goal of using the Exilis device is to enhance collagen production, which is essential for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Pausing Treatment: Despite the benefits, Bryan has temporarily paused using the device because of concerns about potential fat loss in the facial area.
"In the beginning of blueprint protocol, I lost a lot of facial volume due to my caloric restriction I've since increased my my caloric intake but we've tried to increase volume if you see my pictures from a year ago to now it's a big difference I've revolumize quite a bit."
Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson showing a skincare product

Bryan Johnson’s Recommend Skincare Products

Bryan Johnson’s skincare routine is supported by high-quality products that ensure his skin stays hydrated and protected throughout the day and night.

Bryan Johnson holding a laser device

Tixel Treatment

As part of his aim to maintaining a youthful appearance, Bryan Johnson is considering incorporating a cutting-edge technology known as Tixel into his skincare routine.

  • Thermal Mechanical Ablation Technology: The Tixel device uses a titanium tip to deliver intense pulses of heat to the skin, effectively and safely.
  • Safe and Effective: The treatment is recognized for its safety and efficacy, making it an excellent option for those looking to improve their skin’s condition.
  • Benefits: Tixel therapy is known for enhancing skin firmness and boosting collagen production, key factors in maintaining skin elasticity and reducing signs of aging.
Bryan Johnson with clear skin

Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)

Bryan Johnson can customize his skincare routine to efficiently address the factors that contribute to aging by regularly measuring AGEs in his skin. This proactive approach not only helps him maintain his skin's health but also ensures that his skincare routines are as effective as possible in keeping his skin looking youthful.

  • Utilizing the Age Reader Device: This device measures the concentration of AGEs, substances that accumulate as skin ages.
  • Simple Process: Bryan can quickly get an assessment of his skin's biological age, helping him understand the level of 'skin junk' buildup.
Bryan Johnson holding an intense pulse light therapy device

Intense Pulse Light Therapy

Bryan Johnson has integrated Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy into his comprehensive skin care regimen, using the advanced BBL device mJOULE by Sciton to improve his skin's health.

  • Choosing mJOULE by Sciton: This device is renowned for its effectiveness in delivering intense pulsed light to treat various signs of skin damage.
  • Full Body Treatments: Bryan has opted for full body treatments with this technology, targeting and reducing skin imperfections.
  • Effectiveness: The therapy has proven highly effective in eliminating signs of skin damage, resulting in clearer skin.
"I never had a shirt on when I was growing up as a kid. I was always burned and tanned on my upper body and so I had a lot of skin damage on my face and my upper body and so I've basically got my skin back to the majority of that skin damage being gone after using the BBL device."
Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson using a blue light therapy device

Celluma Pro

Bryan Johnson integrates advanced light therapy into his anti-aging protocol with the Celluma Pro device.

  • Dual Light Therapy: The Celluma Pro offers red light therapy for boosting collagen production and enhancing skin healing.
  • Acne Management: The blue light setting is used to control acne, a valuable feature for Bryan when managing side effects from medications.
  • Intermittent Use: Although the effects of the Celluma Pro are subtle, it rotates in and out of Bryan's skincare blueprint protocol, depending on his current skin needs.
Bryan Johnson focusing on red light therapy

Red Light Therapy

Bryan Johnson focuses on red light therapy into his extensive skin care routine to get numerous health benefits that enhance physical and mental well-being by using the FlexBeam device.

  • Regular Sessions: Bryan dedicates three sessions per week to red light therapy, each lasting 12 minutes.
  • Dual Function Device: The device he uses delivers red light and near-infrared light.
  • Benefits for Skin and Health: Red light therapy is celebrated for its positive impact on skin health, mitochondrial function, and even mood, with studies indicating its usefulness in treating depression.
  • Caution: It's important to use the FlexBeam device at a proper distance to avoid skin burns from the intense light.
  • Measurement Challenges: While Bryan finds this therapy beneficial, quantifying its specific effects is challenging because of its integration with other parts of his skincare and health routine.

If you’re curious about the science behind red light treatment and want to add it to your daily routine, consider checking our article on Red Light Therapy.

Bryan Johnson analyzing his skincare results

Bryan Johnson’s Skincare Routine Results

Bryan Johnson's focus on his anti-aging skincare routine has led impressive results, as seen in his latest biomarker assessments.

  • Spots: Biomarker age assessed at 10, indicating very few visible spots.
  • Wrinkles: Biomarker age measured at 10, showing minimal wrinkle formation.
  • Texture: Skin texture biomarker age is 14, suggesting smooth and youthful skin.
  • Pores: Pore size is evaluated at a biomarker age of 50, highlighting an area for potential improvement.
  • UV Spots: UV damage shows a biomarker age of 62, reflecting past sun exposure and necessitating ongoing protection efforts.
  • Brown Spots: Biomarker age at 11, indicating effective management of pigmentation.
  • Red Areas: Biomarker age of 70, suggesting possible inflammation requiring targeted care.
  • Autofluorescence: Aged at 32, showing moderate levels of substances that could impact skin's appearance under light.
  • Multispectral Imaging Face Age: Overall face age is assessed at 41, showcasing the results of his comprehensive skincare routine.
Closeup of Bryan Johnson

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