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Dana White's Daily Schedule

Keeping Up with a Demanding Routine

Dana White, the president of the UFC, is known for his intense work ethic and commitment to the sport of mixed martial arts. Balancing the demands of running a global sports organization with his personal life, Dana's daily routine is packed with activities that keep him on top of his game. From focusing on an early morning health protocol to managing business meetings and spending time with his family, Dana White's daily schedule reflects his dedication and drive.

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8:00 a.m.

Dana White starting his morning routine


Starting his day bright and early, Dana White follows a strict wake-up routine that helps him stay on top of his demanding schedule. His morning habits are a crucial part of maintaining his high energy and productivity.

  • Wake-up time: Dana White wakes up at 8 AM every day.
  • Sleep schedule: He sleeps only three to six hours a night.
  • Reason for limited sleep: Dana often stays up late, preoccupied with work and planning his day. His dedication to the UFC and its operations keeps his mind active.

Even with limited sleep, Dana White's morning routine reflects his commitment and drive, ensuring he's ready to tackle the challenges of running a global sports organization.

Dana White standing in a school's parking lot in the morning

Spending Time With Kids And The Drive To School

Despite his busy schedule, Dana White makes sure to spend quality time with his children each morning.

  • Morning family time: No matter what Dana White is doing, when he's home in the morning, he always spends time with his kids.
  • Drive to school: Dana personally drives his children to school, creating valuable moments for family bonding.
  • Importance of routine: This daily routine is a crucial part of Dana White's morning schedule, emphasizing the importance he places on family.

Balancing his demanding career with family life, Dana White's commitment to his children highlights the importance of maintaining personal connections.

“I don’t care if I get home at 5 in the morning, I wake up two hours later and get the kids ready for school, eat breakfast, and drive them to school every day.”
Dana White

Dana White’s Wellness Routine—The Superhuman Protocol

Dana White showing his biceps

The Main Reason Why Dana White Opted For A Healthy Schedule

Dana White's decision to embrace a healthier lifestyle was driven by a serious wake-up call regarding his health.

  • Consultation with Gary Brecka: Dana White consulted Gary Brecka, a Human Biologist and Co-Founder of 10X Health Systems.
  • Health analysis: Gary Brecka ran blood tests and analyzed Dana's DNA.
  • Alarming results: Dana’s triglycerides were at 764 (normal levels should be between 80 and 150), and other health markers were also concerning.
  • Life expectancy warning: Gary Brecka informed Dana White that, without changes, he had only 10.4 years to live.
  • Motivation for change: This news prompted Dana White to adopt an extensive wellness routine to improve his health.

This life-changing revelation led Dana White to prioritize his health, integrating various routines like his fasting schedule, cold plunge routine, and fitness program to ensure a longer and healthier life.

Dana White lying on a PEMF mat

Alkaline Pad

Dana White focuses on the use of an alkaline pad in his wellness routine, starting his day with a therapeutic session.

  • PEMF mat from PureWave: Dana uses a PureWave PEMF mat in his gym, which is located right next to his office.
  • Duration: He lies on the mat for eight minutes every morning.
  • Therapeutic effects: The PEMF mat emits electromagnetic fields at different frequencies and strengths.
  • Health benefits: These electromagnetic fields are believed to decrease inflammation, enhance circulation, boost relaxation, and increase overall wellness.

Starting his day with this wellness practice, Dana White ensures he is physically prepared for the challenges ahead, making it an integral part of his daily routine.

Dana White in a cold plunge tub

Cold Plunge Routine

After his session on the alkaline pad, Dana White takes his wellness routine to the next level with a cold plunge.

  • Cold plunge details: Dana White jumps into 50ºF water for three minutes.
  • Commitment: He’s so dedicated to this routine that he even sends a cold plunge setup to his hotel when he's traveling to ensure he never misses it.
  • Equipment: Dana uses equipment from The Plunge Evolve for his cold exposure routine.
  • Benefits: Cold plunges are known to reduce muscle soreness, improve circulation, and boost mental clarity.
“The Cold Plunge is my version of coffee. It wakes me up, gets me going, and gets me excited to work out.”
Dana White
Dana White focusing on oxygen therapy

Oxygen Therapy

Following his cold plunge routine, Dana White continues his wellness protocol with oxygen therapy.

  • Oxygen mask: Dana puts on a large oxygen mask like those worn by fighter jet pilots.
  • High oxygen levels: The HyperMax Oxygen mask provides him with 93-95% oxygen air, significantly higher than the Earth's atmospheric air, which is about 21% oxygen.
  • Treadmill workout: While wearing the mask, Dana gets on a treadmill for a 10-12 minute cardio workout.
  • Interval training: His workout consists of walking slowly for 3 minutes, then going all out for 30 seconds, alternating in this manner throughout the session.
  • Benefits: This short, high-intensity interval training session helps boost his cardiovascular health and overall fitness.
Dana White sitting on a red light bed

Red Light Therapy

After his cardio workout with oxygen therapy, Dana White focuses on his wellness routine with red light therapy.

  • Therapy session: Dana jumps into a 10X Health Light bed for 20 minutes.
  • How it works: Red light therapy uses wavelengths of red and near-infrared light to penetrate the skin, promoting cellular regeneration and repair.
  • Skin benefits: Red light therapy enhances collagen production, resulting in smoother skin and improved wound healing.
  • Pain and inflammation relief: It can help reduce inflammation, making it beneficial for those with chronic ailments like arthritis or joint pain.

Incorporating red light therapy into his daily schedule, Dana White boosts his overall health and well-being, ensuring he stays at the top of his game. For more detailed insights into the benefits and science behind red light therapy, check out our comprehensive article on Red Light Therapy Routine.

“Being healthy isn’t easy. It’s something you have to commit to. And I spend my mornings now on my health. I do the superhuman protocol, take my supplements, do different exercises and I take my health seriously.”
Dana White
Dana White holding a supplement bottle

Dana White’s Supplements From 10X Health System

Dana White uses several supplements from the 10X Health program to support his health. These supplements are tailored to his specific genetic and blood test results, which were analyzed by the 10X Health team.

  • Daily Essentials: These provide a comprehensive mix of vitamins and minerals to reduce the risk of nutrient deficiencies and boost energy levels.
  • Rem-Edy: This supplement helps improve sleep quality by reducing the time it takes to fall asleep, maximizing REM sleep, and supporting the immune system.
  • Cool. Calm. Collected: Designed to reduce stress and anxiety, this supplement helps regulate stress hormones and can support healthy blood pressure.
  • 10X Brain Gains: This enhances mental clarity and alertness. It may also reduce symptoms of ADHD and support brain health.
  • Immuno-Boost: This supplement stimulates the immune system, promotes healthy aging, and supports healthy joints.
  • Dynamic Duo – D3+K2: This helps sustain a high-paced daily lifestyle, supports insulin and blood sugar levels, and provides essential nutrients.
  • 10X Electrolytes: Promotes optimal hydration and everyday wellness while energizing throughout the day.
  • 10X Probiotic: Enhances gut function and balance, helps eliminate bloating, gas, and irregularity, and supports digestion and immunity.

02:00 p.m.

Dana White eating lunch


Dana White follows a strict intermittent fasting routine, which plays a crucial role in his overall health and fitness.

  • Intermittent fasting: Dana White's fasting schedule allows him to eat only between 2 PM and 7 PM.
  • Typical lunch menu:
    • 3-4 eggs: A great source of protein and healthy fats, providing sustained energy.
    • Chicken sausage: Adds extra protein to support muscle maintenance and growth.
    • Handful of berries: Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber for overall health.
  • Health benefits: This combination of foods supports Dana's workout routine, helps with muscle recovery, and provides essential nutrients to keep him energized throughout the day.
Dana White starting his work routine

Work Routine

As the president of the UFC, Dana White has a demanding and dynamic work routine that keeps him deeply involved in every aspect of the business.

  • Overseeing operations: Dana White oversees all aspects of the UFC, ensuring everything runs smoothly.
  • Press conferences: He hosts both pre-fight and post-fight press conferences, keeping the media and fans informed.
  • Fighter contracts: Dana White directly negotiates fighter contracts, ensuring the best deals for the fighters and the company.
  • Approving walkout music: He even takes part in approving the fighters' walkout music, adding a personal touch to the events.
  • Control freak: While Dana admits to being a control freak, he has eased up in recent years, though he still maintains a hands-on approach.
  • Office setup: Dana's office is unique, featuring items like a money gun, a special war room for fight planning, a tiger skull, and samurai swords.
  • Meetings and calls: His day is filled with numerous meetings and calls, often starting early and continuing throughout the day.

Dana White spends a significant portion of his day at the UFC office, handling various aspects of the business. His dedication and hands-on approach are crucial to the success of the UFC, making his work routine an integral part of his daily schedule.

“I don’t really have hours. I work 24 hours a day. There’s not a time during the day that I’m not working. If it’s a Sunday, and I’m not coming into the office that day, I’ll be at home with my kids. But I’m on the phone 50,000 times with Lorenzo or fighters.”
Dana White

04:30 p.m.

Dana White eating snacks in the afternoon


To maintain his energy and health throughout the day, Dana White includes nutritious snacks in his daily routine.

  • Snack time: Dana White eats his snacks at 4:30 PM to keep his energy levels steady.
  • Nutritious choices: His snacks typically include chicken breast, avocado, and green vegetables.
  • Health benefits: These well-balanced snacks help Dana stay fueled and focused, complementing his fasting schedule and supporting his fitness routine.
Dana White starting his workout routine

Dana White’s Workout Routine

Dana White maintains a rigorous workout routine to stay fit and healthy. Balancing cardio, circuit training, and weightlifting, Dana ensures he stays in peak physical condition despite his demanding schedule as UFC president.

  • Cardio training: From Monday to Friday, Dana White focuses on cardio training. He uses Echelon Connect Bikes to keep his cardiovascular health in check.
  • Circuit Saturday: On Saturdays, Dana dedicates his workout to circuit training, which he refers to as “Circuit Saturday.”
  • Weight training: Although he used to lift heavy weights, Dana now focuses on light weights, emphasizing perfect form and high reps to avoid injury and maintain a lean physique.
  • Grappling and boxing area: Equipped with padded floors and walls, this area allows Dana to practice his grappling and boxing techniques safely. The padded surfaces reduce the risk of injury during intense training sessions.
  • Standard gym: This area is fully equipped with cardio machines, free weights, and resistance training equipment. It provides everything Dana needs for a comprehensive workout.
  • Recovery facilities: Dana's home gym includes a cold plunge, steam room, and massage room. The cold plunge helps reduce muscle inflammation and speeds up recovery, while the steam room aids in relaxation and detoxification. The massage room allows for professional muscle recovery.
  • Pilates room: Featuring a full-size TV for group exercise classes, the Pilates room offers a space for low-impact strength training and flexibility exercises.
  • Outdoor pool: Dana White swims laps against artificial currents, providing a low-impact, full-body workout. Swimming is excellent for cardiovascular health and muscle endurance, offering a break from traditional gym workouts.
“I don’t do any heavy weight now. I do all lightweight and make sure every movement is perfect—and I do it for reps.”
Dana White
Dana White sitting on a sofa at his home to have a good time with his family

Family Time

In the evenings, Dana White makes it a priority to spend quality time with his family, balancing his demanding career with his personal life.

  • Evening routine: Dana White spends his evenings with his family, either at home or attending events with his wife.
  • Prioritizing family: Despite his busy schedule, Dana ensures that family time remains a priority, especially on weekends when there are no UFC events.
  • Weekend focus: On weekends without UFC events, Dana dedicates more time to his family, ensuring they have quality moments together.

Balancing work and family is essential to Dana White's daily routine, showing his commitment to his professional responsibilities and personal life.

07:00 p.m.

Dana White eating salmon and green salad for dinner


Dana White ends his day with a hearty dinner at 7 PM, balancing nutritious choices with his love for tasty treats.

  • Dinner menu: Dana's dinner includes salmon, a large green salad, and olive oil-based dressing.
  • Sweet tooth: Despite his nutritious dinner, Dana’s kitchen is stocked with sugary treats, including:
  • Balanced approach: Dana loves to eat and isn’t restrictive about his food choices. Despite having access to the UFC Performance Institute for nutrition advice, he admits that his dietary choices might not always align with what nutritionists recommend.
Dana White sitting on his bed

Sleep Routine

Despite his busy schedule, Dana White tries to ensure he gets quality sleep, essential for maintaining his high energy levels.

  • PEMF mat: Dana uses a PureWave PEMF mat at home while sleeping to help improve his sleep quality and overall well-being.
  • Variable sleep time: Due to his commitments, Dana doesn't have a fixed sleeping time.
  • Sleep duration: He tries to get between 3-6 hours of sleep each night.

Even with limited sleep, Dana White's sleep routine, supported by his PureWave PEMF mat, helps him stay rested and ready for his demanding daily schedule.

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