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Andrew Huberman’s Workout Schedule

Making Fitness Simple and Achievable Every Week

Andrew Huberman, a renowned neuroscientist, follows a structured weekly workout routine that spans from Sunday to Saturday, showing his commitment to both brain health and physical fitness. He follows a foundational fitness protocol that includes a variety of exercises designed to enhance both brain and body health. If you're curious about how a top neuroscientist stays in shape, this article will help you understand Andrew Huberman’s weekly exercise plan.

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Andrew Huberman running on a track

Sunday—Building Endurance with Andrew Huberman

Kick off your week inspired by Andrew Huberman’s workout routine, starting with a strong focus on building endurance every Sunday. This day is dedicated to cardiovascular training and stamina building through Zone 2 cardio exercises.

  • Duration and Intensity: Andrew begins his Sundays with 30 to 75 minutes of Zone 2 cardio. This level of cardio focuses on increasing breathing rates where one can still hold a conversation.
  • Types of Exercises: The workout routine includes various activities such as jogging, rowing, cycling, swimming, and hiking to help maintain engagement and effectiveness.
  • Enhanced Difficulty: To increase the challenge, Andrew sometimes adds a weighted vest or backpack during his exercises.
  • Breathing Technique: Emphasis is placed on nasal breathing, which can help improve respiratory efficiency and endurance.
  • Weekly Cardio Goal: The aim is to accumulate 180-200 minutes of Zone 2 cardio throughout the week, starting strong on Sunday.

Andrew Huberman’s Sunday workout routine sets a powerful tone for the week with a focus on increasing endurance and strengthening cardiovascular health. This practice not only prepares the body for more intense workouts in the upcoming days but also aligns with a targeted approach to fitness.

"Your ability to improve flexibility and, indeed, to engage in specific stretching exercises can actually be used to powerfully modulate your ability to tolerate pain, both emotional and physical pain."
Dr. Huberman
Andrew Huberman starting his leg workout routine

Monday— Legs Resistant Workout

After ramping up his endurance on Sunday, Andrew Huberman dedicates Monday to strengthening his lower body with a comprehensive leg workout. Focusing on a leg day is crucial for building muscle and enhancing overall leg strength.

  • Warm-Up: Andrew begins with a 10-minute warm-up to prepare his muscles and joints for the workout.
  • Training Duration: The main leg workout lasts between 50 to 60 minutes, focusing on intensity and proper form.
  • Exercise Schedule:
    • Schedule A:
      • Repetitions: 4-8 reps (using heavier weights)
      • Sets: 3-4 sets per exercise
      • Rest: 2-4 minutes between sets
    • Schedule B:
      • Repetitions: 8-15 reps (using moderate weights)
      • Sets: 2-3 sets per exercise
      • Rest: 90 seconds between sets
  • He alternates between these schedules to maximize muscle growth and recovery.
  • Exercises:
    • Quadriceps: Leg extensions and hack squats to target different muscle actions.
    • Hamstrings: Leg curls and glute-ham raises ensure comprehensive development.
    • Calves: Standing calf raises and seated raises to enhance calf strength.
Andrew Huberman doing the cold plunge at his home

Tuesday—Balancing Heat and Cold Exposure with Andrew Huberman

On Tuesdays, Andrew Huberman focuses on an intense routine of managing heat and cold exposure. This method, known for enhancing recovery and boosting overall well-being, involves alternating between sauna sessions and cold plunges.

  • Routine Overview: The day includes 20 minutes in a sauna followed by 5 minutes of a cold shower or ice bath, repeated 3-5 times.
  • Starting Slowly: He recommends easing into heat and cold exposure, especially for beginners, to allow the body to adapt safely.

Heat Protocols:

  • Protocol 1—Cardiovascular Health:
    • Frequency: 2-3 times per week, or even daily.
    • Duration: 5-20 minutes per session.
    • Temperature: 80-100 ℃ (176-212 ℉).
  • Protocol #2—General Health:
    • Total Weekly Time: 1 hour, split into 2-3 sessions.
    • Temperature: 80-100 ℃ (176-212 ℉).
  • Protocol 3—Growth Hormone Release:
    • Frequency: Once a week.
    • Duration: Multiple 30 minute sauna sessions with rest/cool-down periods in between.
    • Temperature: 80-100 ℃ (176-212 ℉).
    • Additional Tips: Best performed in a semi-fasted state to maximize growth hormone release.

Cold Exposure Protocol:

  • Total Weekly Time: 11 minutes, split into 2-4 sessions.
  • Session Length: 1-5 minutes.
  • Temperature: Cold but safe.

Andrew Huberman’s Tuesday routine of alternating between sauna and cold exposure is an excellent approach to enhance recovery and optimize physical health. This practice not only helps in recovery after intense workouts but also serves as a crucial part of Andrew's comprehensive health strategy.

Andrew Huberman safely doing an ice bath

Andrew Huberman’s Safety Tips For Heat And Cold Exposure Workout

When incorporating heat and cold exposure into your workout regimen, safety should always be your top priority. Andrew Huberman provides essential tips to ensure that these practices are both effective and safe, helping you gain the maximum benefits without risking your health.

  • Start Slow with Heat:
    • Begin with cooler temperatures that don’t drastically increase your heart rate.
    • Be aware of hyperthermia and dehydration risks.
    • Men trying to conceive should note that repeated heat exposure can temporarily reduce sperm count, which may take 45-60 days to rebound after stopping sauna use. Consider using a cool pack in the sauna to mitigate heat effects.
    • You can use multiple options like dry saunas, steam saunas, hot tubs, and hot showers for safe heat exposure.
    • Drink at least 16 ounces of water for every 10 minutes spent in the sauna to replace lost fluids and electrolytes.
    • Utilize the sauna during the afternoon or evening to align with the body’s natural temperature fluctuations, enhancing the post-cooling effect which can aid in better sleep.
  • Cold Exposure Safety:
    • Never hyperventilate before or during cold water immersion and avoid dangerously cold bodies of water.
    • Start with slightly warmer temperatures and gradually move to colder ones to avoid cold shock.
    • Use top-quality cold plunge equipment from the Cold Life to prevent accidents.

By following Andrew Huberman’s safety tips for heat and cold exposure workouts, you can enjoy the health benefits while minimizing risks.

Want to learn more about how to do cold plunges efficiently? Consider checking out our Cold Plunge article.

Andrew Huberman starting his sauna routine

Benefits Of Opting For Saunas For Heat Exposure

Saunas are a key component of Andrew Huberman's weekly workout routine, not just for relaxation but for their profound health benefits. Regular sauna sessions can contribute significantly to overall wellness.

  • Cardiovascular Health: Regular sauna use is linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular problems like heart attacks and stroke. Saunas can increase heart rate and blood flow while dilating blood vessels to help cool the body.
  • Mood Enhancement: Sauna use triggers the release of dynorphins that initially cause discomfort, which then enhances the mood-lifting effects of endorphins.
  • Effective Stress Response: Exposure to sauna heat acts as a mild stressor, which can reduce cortisol levels and activate DNA repair pathways.
  • Growth Hormone Benefits: Sauna use can support the natural release of growth hormone, which is vital for muscle growth, bone strength, tissue repair, and metabolism.

Check out this Huberman Lab Podcast episode to find out more about the Growth Hormone.

Integrating sauna sessions into your fitness routine, as part of a comprehensive approach like Andrew Huberman's weekly workout plan, can provide multiple health benefits. These sessions not only support physical health but are also a key strategy for stress management and mood improvement.

Andrew Huberman holding two supplement bottles

Workout Supplement Recommendation By Andrew Huberman

In his quest for optimal fitness and health, Andrew Huberman not only focuses on a disciplined workout routine but also emphasizes the importance of proper supplementation. He endorses Momentous Supplements, a trusted brand known for its high-quality and effective products, to enhance workout performance.

  • Momentous Alpha-GPC: Enhances mental focus and increases power output, ideal for improving performance in high-intensity workouts.
  • Momentous Tyrosine: Aids in maintaining mental alertness and can help combat fatigue during strenuous activities.
  • Momentous Creatine: Boosts muscle energy and strength, supporting quicker recovery and muscle growth from resistance training.
  • Momentous Grass-fed Whey Protein: Provides essential amino acids for muscle repair and growth, promoting faster recovery post-workout.

Utilizing Momentous Supplements as recommended by Andrew Huberman can significantly enhance cognitive functions and physical capabilities. These targeted supplements support his extensive weekly workout routine, ensuring he achieves maximum benefits from each session. Integrating these supplements can help anyone looking to elevate their fitness levels and achieve similar comprehensive health benefits.

If you’re looking to purchase Momentous supplements, consider using the promo code Routines15 for a 15% discount on the Momentous Website.

Find out more about Andrew Huberman's Supplement List here.

Andrew Huberman starting neck exercises

Wednesday—Andrew Huberman's Resistance Training for Torso & Neck

Midweek brings Andrew Huberman to focus on strengthening the torso and neck, areas often overlooked in typical training programs.

  • Warm-Up and Training Duration:
    • Starts with a 10-minute warm-up to prepare the body.
    • Follows with 50-60 minutes of targeted resistance training.
  • Training Approach:
    • Utilizes a Push/Pull method to comprehensively train the upper body.
    • Alternates between Schedule A and B monthly to ensure comprehensive muscle engagement.
  • Exercises:
    • Chest: Focuses on incline presses and cable crossovers to work muscles in both lengthened and shortened positions.
    • Back: Incorporates chin-ups or pull-ups and seated or dumbbell rows.
    • Shoulders: Engages the shoulders with presses, lateral raises, and rear deltoid flies.
    • Neck: Prioritizes neck strength and flexibility with specific exercises in his neck workout:
      • Uses a towel-wrapped plate for neck flexion, extension, and side bending, known as the plate series exercise.
      • Performs chin tucks with a plate to further strengthen the neck muscles, crucial for Andrew Huberman's neck workout routine.

By incorporating these exercises into the weekly workout routine, Huberman not only aims to build strength but also to maintain optimal posture and minimize the risk of injury.

"I usually lie on my side, and I'll do somewhere in the 10-15 repetition range. I usually do 1 light warm-up and then 3 work sets. And then I'll lie on my stomach and I'll put the plate behind my head—again, wrapped in a towel—and do head raises."
Dr. Huberman
Andrew Huberman starting his cycling routine

Thursday—Boosting Cardiovascular Health with Andrew Huberman

Thursdays in Andrew Huberman’s weekly workout routine are focused on enhancing cardiovascular health through moderate-intensity cardio exercises. This day is about getting the heart rate up and the blood pumping with dynamic activities.

  • Engages in 35 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio, which is key to improving heart health.
  • Includes running, rowing, cycling, jumping jacks, stair climbing, and jump roping.
  • Prefers performing these activities outdoors when possible, adding a refreshing change of scenery and fresh air to the routine.
  • These activities not only boost the cardiovascular system but also increase lung capacity and endurance.
  • Outdoor workouts contribute to mental health by reducing stress and improving mood.
"To be clear, I think exercise is wonderful and healthy, can improve cardiovascular function, maintain strength, bone density, all that good stuff."
Dr. Huberman
Andrew Huberman rowing

Friday—Andrew Huberman's Effective HIIT Workout Routine

Fridays with Andrew Huberman are all about intensity and efficiency, as he tackles his High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. This routine is designed to maximize cardiovascular and muscular benefits in a short amount of time.

  • Workout Structure: Involves intense bursts of 20-60 seconds of all-out sprints followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated for 8-12 rounds. The workout aims to achieve maximum heart rate, calculated as 220 minus your age, to ensure high-intensity effort.
  • Variety of Exercises: Includes a range of activities such as using an assault bike, sprint/jog intervals, rowing, skiing machine, and sand sprints. He always picks an activity that can be performed with perfect form to avoid injury.
  • Benefits of HIIT: HIIT workout sessions are extremely effective at burning fat, improving endurance, and boosting metabolism. The routine’s design promotes rapid increases in heart rate, which improves cardiovascular health.
  • Safety and Form: Emphasizes the importance of maintaining perfect form during each sprint to maximize benefits and minimize the risk of injury.
Andrew Huberman starting his bicep exercise routine

Saturday—Andrew Huberman's Techniques for Stronger Arms, Neck & Calves

Saturday marks the end of Andrew Huberman's intense weekly workout routine with a focus on building strength in the arms, neck, and calves. This session is designed to target these specific muscle groups through a series of structured exercises.

  • Workout Duration: Begins with a 10-minute warm-up to prepare the muscles for the intense workout ahead and continues with 50-60 minutes of targeted training.
  • Bicep Exercise: Andrew Huberman performs incline curls and dumbbell curls, alternating between lengthened and shortened muscle positions.
  • Tricep Training: Engages triceps through overhead extensions and dips, focusing on a full-range motion for optimal muscle engagement.
  • Calf Workout: Executes both standing calf raises and seated calf raises, enhancing lower leg strength.
  • Neck Exercise: Strengthens the neck using the plate series exercise, involving movements like flexion, extension, and side bending with a towel-wrapped plate. Incorporates chin tucks with a plate to further enhance neck muscle resilience.
Closeup of Andrew Huberman

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